Three wishes

The three wishes game (or genie game) is a simple joke format where a fictional character gets three wishes from a mystical being, but invariably fails to utilize them to their fullest potential. Most common scenarios include getting a wishing coin stuck in one’s ear, catching a wishing star in the palm of your hand, or releasing a fairy from a crystal ball. In most cases the wishes are granted without fail, but only because the characters feel like making up a stupid wish for no good reason. This leaves the player with an unhappy feeling, and their wish is denied. If they were to win the game, however, they would get three wishes which do not fail, and are thus able to use them to their advantage by unleashing powerful super abilities onto the board.

In the second layer of the Three-Wish slot machine, the third layer of the game can be performed. Here, the genies are released from their bottles, but instead of dropping through the wishing well on the second layer, they instead appear on the third layer of the playfield in a light aura. The only way to defeat these genies is to hit them with a fire or lightning bolt, or by having all three of your characters pass over them and stop. Naturally, this only happens if you have already passed through the three wishes (if you didn’t, then they just appear as glowing blurs on the board). At this point, it is necessary to click on the Genie again to open up his inventory screen, where he will have three wishes left to grant.

Finally, in the last layer of the Three-Wish slot machine, the comic book hero must defeat the elemental spirits that are locked away there, and use those three wishes wisely to turn each spirit to his side. Once the genies are turned, the board changes to show a view of the rainbow, and the credits roll to seal the deal. At this point, if you have not yet collected all three wishes, you will be asked to either click on a Genie to purchase him (which resets your board), or hit the coins beside the genies for them to change places with them (which resets the board again, and only allows you to play three wishes). After you have bought and activated the genies, the credits roll, and your wish comes true… or so it seems.