The popular casino slot game Carnaval is played at the same locations that commonly house Roulette, slots, Blackjack, Video Poker and Craps. It can also be played in the same slot machines as online slot games, such as Blackjack Slots or Video Poker Machines. In actuality, this game is different from other slots in that it does not utilize the same number of spins do not occur continuously. A single “reel” of the Carnaval Jackpot spins at least seven times for each game.

Although it is fast-paced slot machine action, the Carnaval games are not dependent on luck or chance. The base game play in the Carnaval Jackpot consists of a progressive pay-line activity which requires players to match five, nine, or fifteen symbols/wilds from left to right on a single payline. Landing three, four or five matching symbols or wilds from left to right on the single payline consistently makes a winner. This progressive gameplay is what sets the Carnaval apart from other slot games.

In the initial rounds of play, players may choose to enter “action” by betting the maximum on the first five paylines. Players may also choose to exit the game by paying the minimum payoff cost or by “jumping out” from the table. Each player is limited to only two bids at any time, making it especially difficult to make a big money bet on the carnival. In addition, the paylines rotate rapidly, so that beginners will not have a large impact on the paylines.